October 28th, 2019

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💎🔮 Open Treasure Chest of Oriental Adventures in Uzbekistan within 10 days

⏳ Best time to travel: April - October, 2020
💲 The price : from 912 USD per person
Combine your group for making the trip cheaper.
🔍 https://www.centralasia-travel.com/en/countries/uzbekistan/tours/treasure_chest
📧 tours@centralasia-travel.com

️The treasure chest full of brilliant pearls of Central Asia will reveal its secrets to a curious traveller. The pearls are scattered all over Uzbekistan: the ancient cities of ✅Samarkand (also spelled Samarqand), ✅Bukhara (Uzbek: Bukhoro or Buxoro; also spelled Buchara, Bokhara, Buhara) and ✅Khiva glitter with the mosaics of medieval domes and the majesty of tall minarets, the ✅Fergana Valley plays with the iridescent khan-atlas satin, the 🌄✅Chimgan Mountains shine with its main gem, the azure ✅Charvak Reservoir, while the lands of ancient ✅Khwarezm (also spelled Khwarezmia, Khwarizm, Khwarazm, Khwarezm, Khorezm, Khorasam, Harezm, Horezm, and Chorezm) surprise the visitor with the ruins of unique antique fortresses. To gather all the pearls and to string them on a single long thread comprising the itinerary of the trip is what we have attempted to do in this tour.

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