July 29th, 2019

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Active rest in the Chimgan Mountains

The Chimgan Mountains opened their colorful hugs for our guests from June 9 to June 15, 2019! A large group (32 people) of representatives of pharmaceutical company STADA, which often come to us, had active rest in Chimgan Mountains. Moreover their trip had benefit for humanity: every day, in addition to all sorts of activities, volunteers worked in Chimgan mountains, they cleaned up the garbage, installed eco-plates calling for preservation of the purity of nature, took care of the seedlings of trees planted by other volunteers.
Among sport activities they had trekking to Aksai gorge and to Gulkam gorge, climbing to Small Chimgan peak and to Big Chimgan peak (3309m), and rock climbing lessons.

The participants of this trip had oportunity to team up in the process of jointly overcoming difficulties, to take a sip of team spirit, and, of course, to recharge themselves with the energy of our mountains, to breathe the cleanest Chimgan air, and to look in a new way at the world from the top of Big Chimgan (3309m)!

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