July 5th, 2019

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Exploring the Tian Shan

📌 Hurry up to join the group: August 04 - 14, 2019
👣 Active part duration: 9 days / 8 nights
💲 The cost of the tour: 1980 USD
🔍 http://www.centralasia-travel.com/en/trekking/terskey
📧 adventure@centralasia-travel.com

✅ The trekking area lies between the southern shore of the Issyk Kul Lake and the northern slopes of the Terskey Alatau (Ala Too) mountain range (central Tian Shan Mountains). The area belongs to the most beautiful and remote parts of Central Asia. This is the region where beautiful high mountains slope down to the very shore of Issyk Kul, an enormous freshwater Central Asian lake. Terskey Alatau Range forms a majestic wall that extends for 340km along the lake’s southern shore, separating this corner of the paradise from the rest of the mountain area with a severe climate.

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tourism, central asia, vacations, having a rest, excursion

Trekking in Western Tien-Shan mountains to lake Sary-Chelek

📌 You still can catch the group: July 28 - August 04, 2019
💲 The cost of the tour: 880 USD

🔍 http://www.centralasia-travel.com/en/trekking/tien-shan/sari-chelek
📧 adventure@centralasia-travel.com

The Western Tien-Shan mountains are fraught with the real treasure of spectacular lakes including the grandiose lake Sary-Chelek. This adventure trekking tour takes you through the picturesque mountain passes, deep gorges, along the torrents of mountain rivers. In addition to the Lake Sary-Chelek, you will encounter a number of other smaller lakes which look like a chain of crystal-clear diamonds scattered among the rocky mountain peaks.

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