February 15th, 2019

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🤩 We invite you to our Base Camp under the Lenin peak!

This place join together different paople like holiday-makers, mountaineers, and any other outdoorsmen.
✨ Our camps provide all the necessary facilities for comfortable outdoor spending:
️ Kyrgyz national yurts (for dining, relaxation and entertainment);
⛺️ Spacious and comfortable camping tents for twin accommodation (tents are equipped with electrical outlets, heating, individual lighting, wooden deck flooring, mattresses, and changeable bed linen);
️ Volleyball playing field;
️ Washstands and toilets;
️ There is a shower and a sauna;
️ Electricity 220 В; 50 Hz;
😋 🍕 You may have full board delicious meals from our professional chief cooks. Vegeterian dishes are also available;
🌠🗻🌺️ And surely amazing picturesque views of landscapes around!

Everybody who would like to visit our Yurt camps just for spending time according their preferences and without any mountaineering intention: being alone, or with your friends, or with your sweetheart, or with your family even including your children - you are welcome!
❗️ The camps will be open from June 15 till September 10, 2019
For any individual or group requests for any program like #trekking, #paragliding, family rest and #mountaineering you can contact our manager at
📧 adventure@centralasia-travel.com

🌐 You can read full description and see a lot of photos of our base camps here: