January 29th, 2019

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Very beautiful trekking to the heart of the Pamir Fann Mountains (known as Fanns).

Choose the best dates for you and plan your schedule for summer 2019:
Group number 1. July 1 – July 11, 2019
Group number 2. August 12 – August 22, 2019
Mountain trips charge you with energy and self-confidence much better than lazy beach vacation. We can prove it during the journey to the heart of the Pamir Fann Mountains - the touristic gem of Tajikistan.

On a trip to “Heartland of Fann Mountains”, you will:
See the most beautiful alpine lakes and picturesque paths of Fann Mountains
Admire the mighty peaks, including Energy Peak and Chimtarga Peak
Stay in a comfortable alpine camp with hot meals and mobile phones and rest some nights in tents under the stars of the Pamirs
Feel the taste of life with to active rest, the cleanest air and the unique nature

Tour itinerary: Dushanbe - mountain camp “Artuch”- Kulikalon lakes - Alauddin Lakes - Mutnoje Lakes - Chimtarga Pass - Bolshoje Allo lake - Verhneje Allo lake - Amshut river valley - village Zimtut - Dushanbe

Price: from 1265 USD per person

Find all about included services and what is necessary for this trip here:

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