April 18th, 2018

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Trekking in the most beautiful region of Tian-Shan mountains to the spectacular lake Sary-Chelek

Group №1. June 24 - July 03, 2018
Group №2. September 02 - 11, 2018

✅ During this trip you will have a fascinating adventure trekking tour over Western Tien-Shan mountains where you will find a real treasure of spectacular lakes, picturesque mountains, passes, deep gorges and torrents of mountain rivers.

✅ Lake Sary-Chelek and its surroundings are full of enchantment! Located at the altitude of 1873m the lake is cupped in the basin among mountain ridges. The lake is located on the territory of Sary-Chelek biosphere reserve and is surrounded with rocky cliffs, thick juniper and spruce forests reflecting in its water surface.

Join this amazing trekking tour!

💲The cost for 1 person: 1040 USD

️ adventure@centralasia-travel.com

Detailed information: http://www.centralasia-travel.com/en/trekking/tien-shan/sari-chelek

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